August 2nd, 2005


Blasted insomnia

There is no reason for me to be up right now, except ... well, except for the fact the dog woke me up an hour ago because he needed to go out in the middle of the freaking night (and as a light sleeper I was the one who noticed it). Grrr indeed.
Pink poodle

Review of "Smoking, Drinking, and Sex"

Well ... while I was hoping for cute pre-code shorts, tonight's show was mostly cigarette and beer ads with a few stag films from the 20s thrown in for spice. The whole thing was sandwiched with two thematically appropriate cartoons ("Honeymoon Hotel" and "Unholy Smoke"), with "The Day I Died" (an anti-teen-drinking movie) in the middle.

As it was, we only saw the one set - the traffic was horrible and my suggestion that we blow off coming late to the Dada movies in favor of a little vintage clothing shopping and some fabulous, cheap Thai food was well received. So I'm home, full, but only a little bit more cultured than I was before. Time to catch up on last night's lost sleep.

PS: Dog to vet tomorrow to see about his ill health.