August 6th, 2005

Sea dragon

How to make iced tea AND Movies continue at the Grand Illusion

If you like to see unusual movies or just enjoy silents, this week is a great time to get to the Grand Illusion. Dennis Nyback is on a comedy kick this week, and his collection of movies has many flicks (of the short and/or silent variety) that are only not available on video but are just plain not available anywhere else. Tonight you could see "FUNNY FUNNY FORGOTTEN MEN" ("Incredibly rare slapstick shorts from stars you've never heard of!") at 7pm, or "SILENT STARS KNOCKABOUT IN SOUND SHORTS" ("A whole lotta silliness in an easy-to-digest format") at 9pm. I'll be going for the Orphan Studios presentation Monday at 7, the "Prince of Slapstick" show Tuesday at 7, and the shorts from "Educational Films" (which produced utterly uneducational comedy shorts) Thursday at 9. Anyone want to come with us?

In other news, I have the definitive how-to for making iced tea when you're stuck in the sticks.
1. Turn on tea kettle (helps heat up the house). Discover you're burning something that's stuck to the burner.
2. Wrap big pile of really lame loose leaf tea in a paper napkin.
3. Pour boiling water over improvised teabag. Adjust stream of water to avoid steam burn. Pour a little water on your foot. Watch as lid of kettle falls off and a big cloud of steam rushes out and you REALLY get a steam burn. Compare both hands to each other to see how different the right one now looks and wonder if this is really only a first degree burn. Whimper a bit. Pour cold tap water on your wrist.
4. Go put hair dye on while tea brews. Get red stuff all over your hands, your face, and your arm.
5. Slowly and carefully pull the bag out of the boiling water, holding carefully onto the very hot paper. Watch as bag explodes.
6. Find a paper towel to use to filter the tea sludge into a new container.
7. Hold carefully onto the paper towel as you pour the sludge onto it, noticing the creep of the liquid up the paper and toward the corners you're holding onto. Use the edge of the pitcher to hold onto a third corner of the paper towel. Successful complete transfer of liquid into second container with only minor inconveniences.
8. Feel like a fool. Decide to write journal entry. Note while writing that resting edge of burnt wrist on keyboard hurts. :-( Go for more icecubes and consider value of sticking to soda the next time.

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