August 15th, 2005


Insomnia is a cruel thing

Still up an hour after going to bed (my heart beating nice and steadily, as if I were standing upright), then at 1:30 AM (went downstairs), 2:30 (went upstairs), 3:30 (considered blogging), 6:30, and 7:10. It appears I may have had too much iced tea too late in the day. I can only hope my sensitivity to caffeine serves me better today than it did last night.
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    tired really fucking tired

Bitter and tired. No tiara for me. Bad puns.

1. I really intended to wake up before I got to work, and yet I find myself sitting here and discover it hasn't happened yet. I utter prayers to the goddess Caffeina and hope for her blessings to quickly arrive.

2. In keeping with "utterly exhausted" I've gone all out and have my hair in a French twist and am wearing a lovely summery dress (sleeveless with pink/yellow/orange tulip pattern). Let's see who's the first coworker to bust me for dressing up to cover being tired.

3. Why must I be so tired on a day when I have so much work to do?

4. If nothing else, a few good puns take the pain away (much like hitting my head against the wall might do). This article, about the death of a famous tree, really knocked me over. (Note: the "swan" referred to in the reader comments is a brand of household matches.)

5. If I was a milkmaid, would I be udderly exhausted? That ends our morning broadcast.
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Beedle-bee dee dee workee little bee

Writing test cases at 5 til midnight. Oh, the joy. But I feel like I'm over the hump now. We'll see how many more I feel like I need to do after my 9 AM meeting tomorrow.

Did have a lot of fun meeting with a seamstress about having my costume made for the Time Traveller's ball. She was excited to do it, I was excited about her enthusiasm. It's going to be (surprise!) black with red piping and red lining for the skirt. Now I need to get a hat and a snood and I'm in business!

And, gosh, the sunset over the Olympics was beautiful (she lives in West Seattle, so I could see it from the porch of her house). It makes me sad that the summer's almost over and I haven't gone kayaking even once or so much as held a croquet mallet in my hand. I don't see how I'm going to remedy that any time soon. Maybe Sunday morning ...