August 24th, 2005


Oh, I HATE packing!

Half an hour to find a missing boot, of COURSE the suitcase is completely stuffed (I'm bringing a ton of presents), my DRESS isn't in there because it's still being sewn as we speak ... gah! I'll be getting the stuff out of the bathroom in the morning - watch me remember the all important Qtips and forget my frigging glasses. Or my passport. AGH!

About ready

Yay, f*cking passport (which is where it was supposed to be)! Yay Mandy for making me a dress! Boo for only 6 hours of sleep, BLEAH!

These boots are made for flying

MyNewHat (12k image) <-- (new hat) Man, going from Heathrow to Paddington directly, it's going to kill me! And my suitcase is really burdened this time - I've got a lot of gifts and a few of them are either very bulky or extremely heavy or both. But I'm very ready to leave, it's all I can do to not just sit here with my new hat on and giggle the morning away.

Man, I need a new icon for my posts while I'm in London! While I promise there will be one more update before I leave, it could be days afterwards before I hit LJ again. Good lord, I may make it all the way through withdrawal and break this habit at last!
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