October 4th, 2005

Sea dragon

Phone post from the reading.

Neil sez he wanted to write a book that increased the sum total of human happiness in the world.

LATER: And thus he wrote Anansi Boys (also in part to prove it was not Terry Pratchett who wrote all the funny bits in Good Omens).

Book reading - Anansi boys

Let's start out by saying Neil Gaiman personally recommended I read The Alan Coren Omnibus, so there, I've got a book to buy and read once I read Anansi Boys, which I probably won't be starting too soon as I'm in the middle of about 12 other books.

The reading was actually quite fun - I had no problem finding a_muse_d and getting inside, where last-minute reading recruit ampliatum was inside holding us seats. It seemed like I knew about one out of every ten people there - LJ apparently has a strong presence among Gaiman fandom. I can't even do a roll call other than to mention that the elusive motomotoyama was there, which is worth mentioning as we had quite the good visit while I inched my way through the lengthy signing line.

The reading: about ten pages from Anansi Boys, then a bunch of questions, most of which seemed to be about his various movie deals, but were nonetheless answered in such a charming fashion that we all were quite entertained. a_muse_d was sighing and leaning on my shoulder and being quite the fangrrl - just as charming as her Neal was, actually. Bless her heart for getting tickets to the reading early - there were over 500 people at the reading and her "golden tickets" got us in the first group for the signing, and back out again by a little after 9.

By this time the lack of food and the trip to Pilates before the reading had me feeling shaky, and I ducked out and got a nibble at Chipotle (taco and really good guac). So the evening has me home with a new book to read, a gift for someone, a recommendation for a book, and lots of promises to hang out with people, like seeing the live-action version of Flashdance with motomotoyama and the ballet with ampliatum. Speaking of which, next Tuesday is drag karaoke at the Crescent: anyone interested? Here's the writeup: Terror-oke with Terra HymenCollapse )