October 8th, 2005


Supernatural! Spooky spooky!

Tonight I saw the children of Dagon walk the earth. And lo, great was the fear among the citizens of Arkham, until the word "elbow" was pronounced and we dissolved ... into laughter.

Right, anyway, so shadowdaddy's new show opened tonight at Open Circle, three short plays based on three SPOOKY SPOOKY! stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The acting was at times poor and the dialogue was frequently clunky, but it was a very pleasant evening overall, more or less what I expected. And the company of so many friends ... butterflake, moriae, poh and corvuscrx (with all of whom we had dinner beforehand at Shanghai Garden) as well as wendolen (we meet at last!), her date (no LJ?), and Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot ... was the cure for what's been ailing me, I think - overwork, lack of sleep, and isolation. Well, it was the cure for the last, and this weekend I'll try to get the first two under control.

See you in slumberland. Don't expect anything from me before 10 AM.