October 11th, 2005

Sea dragon

Me & You And Everyone We Know

We saw movie 45 of year 2005 today - Me & You And Everyone We Know, which came highly recommended from itsjustaname. I left the theater feeling a little weepy and more than a little lonely - it's really just amazing how very estranged modern life allows us to become. In some ways this movie was about the desperation with which people try to make connections with each other - with IM, with diaries, by talking to strangers, by talking to yourself, by being mean to others, by putting yourself in dangerous situations and hoping your vulnerability allows people to open up to you rather than attacking you.

Though all of the people this movie was ostensibly "about" wind up interacting with each other as in many other lesser films, Me & You actually made it all seem quite natural. And the kids in this movie were all fantastic actors, with dialogue that sounded completely natural thoughout, whether being cruel or being loving or being flirty or even lying. This was true for all of the characters - not a single one seemed to not have their own backstory. I was utterly pulled in.

Right, then, so, go see it if you like this kind of thing. As for me and shadowdaddy, we decided that nothing would make the taste of bitterness go down quite so smoothly as chocolate silk pie, so we stopped by Marie Callender's on the way back (as it's $5.99 pie month) and got one for the road.

Also: they served beer and snacks at the reorg meeting today, which I thought was extraordinarily pleasant. However, when I'm working at 11 PM at night, feeling lonely and isolated, I think I'll be glad that I will have some chocolate silk pie hiding in the fridge waiting for me/