October 12th, 2005


Lots to think about in the paper today

1) Zippy the Pinhead on Iraq.

2) Carolyn Hax on the ever-popular relationship question: "My boyfriend and I have been living together for two years and the sizzle is pretty much gone. I don't expect fireworks all the time, and it's nice to have the kind of comfort that we have with each other; but we're almost just like roommates now. When I try to talk about our relationship with him, he gets defensive. I have tried to make it clear that I am not criticizing. I love him, but he generally just annoys me these days. I'm not sure what to do, other than risk killing a basically good relationship or settling for comfort and giving up on being really happy."
Her response is here. Please discuss.

3) And for comic relief, a very bad pun from Pearls Before Swine.

I'm off to get bagels for my team, and then get started on my Very Long Day. At least I got plenty of sleep last night, and the iron pills and the extra-added shadowdaddy seem to be helping my mood. I also got a web cam yesterday, so with luck I'll get it set up sometime during the quiet hours between 7 and 10 PM and you all can enjoy the view from my office on the days when I have one. (Let's just ignore the fact my view while sitting in this room is generally entirely the computer monitor - I want you to imagine the possibilities of the location, and not the reality.)


Short wet days ahoy. In which I rage against the dying of the light.

Walking away from the bus stop Monday afternoon I noted the lights were already on in the underpass the route I walk takes me through. (Got enough prepositions there, scarecrow?) Winter. Winter winter winter. It all says winter: darker days, quicker twilight, the cloud of gloom that hovers over the city. It reminds me of why I buy heavy instead of clingy skirts and am utterly fascinated by the creature called "the Goretex boot." Winter here is an enemy I gird against, with warm clothes and a layer of fat and heated, booze-laden beverages served late at night. I hate waking up in the dark and going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, dark, dark. It gets especially creepy around the overpass, which is always evocatively decorated with cut off rubber hoses and tiny plastic baggies and the like. I imagine spooky music playing as some guy with a knife waits for me to go into the tunnel that always has a puddle in the middle of it but is required travelling for the northbound pedestrian.

I'm home alone tonight and not pleased about it. I was thinking yesterday that I'm not getting enough reading in, but I'm just fooling myself; I'd prefer the less intellectually rigorous life any day of the week, as long as I was spending time with other people. Well, that is, unless I had a really good book to read.