October 17th, 2005

disco ball

Righty, "Flashdance" good

I'm sorry to say the illustrious Nick Garrison was not in tonight's Brown Derby "Flashdance." We did get actresses talking via their corn-dog cellphones, we did have blatant exploration of the rather hideous manipulation of "Alex" 's boyfriend (how could I watch that and swallow it - no pun intended - when I was 14?), we got to watch drag queen doing Off-Shoulder Clothing Sexxxxy Dance, we saw Karen Gruber steal the show as the little old lady that Alex is stalking. It wasn't the best Brown Derby ever - no "Basic Instinct" cooch puppet - but all in all it was a good evening, only made better by the delightful 80's pre-show music. And during the "stripper" scene I stuffed a dollar bill in the actress's g-string, but it went very nicely with the show, I think. And I very much liked the reference to Jennifer Beale's "went nowhere" career.

I complain only that there were too many open seats in the house. Go to the Rebar tomorrow or Wednesday and have yourself a good giggle. shadowdaddy, dagmar_b, a_muse_d, and motomotoyama and I were there ... so you KNOW you missed out!