October 31st, 2005


Your love is a supernatural thing

Get your Halloween groove on today at KEXP! They've been playing great stuff all day, like Ed Harcourt's "Ghost Writer," The Smith's "Cemetary Gates," The Specials' "Ghost Town" (and of course Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween") ... need I say more? Just go to their website and click the "listen live" link in the upper left corner and the best radio station in the world will come right to your computer!

Also - front of the entertainment section of the PI is an article about Goth Fashion - don't want to miss that!

PS: It's so dark today I've got the lights on in my office - at this time of day! Yuck!

Halloween is every day!

Good lord, the New York Times has an article about goth in fashion that includes a little link to a multi-media feature on "Tribes of New York: Goth Girls." What a boo-tiful day! And the music on KEXP is just fantastic! (Ministry has started up right after Bauhaus ... goddamn, I wants to go dance now!)

Soon I'll have little trick-or-treaters coming by my office - I'm so excited!
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