November 9th, 2005


Oh, happy book!

What books does a girl want to bring with her on vacation?

Well, if you're me (and if you look in my bag right now, you'd see):
To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis (a funny book by an author I like, her Doomsday Book was genius)
Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan (SF, and even though my copy is autographed I intend to leave it behind)
Menage, Emma Holly (a naughty book, because every girl should pack at least one)
London A to Z(ed) (which has replaced Frommer's in my luggage)
a blank diary (with a portrait of Mrs. Jens Wolff on its red leather cover - which I intend to bring back about half-filled - Anais Nin will have competition yet!)
The latest edition of Bitch

I've kind of given up on Absalom, Absalom - maybe if shadowdaddy gets a ski vacation set up for January I can read it while he's hitting the slopes.