November 18th, 2005

Sea dragon

I was thinking about going on strike for a few days, as my life is boring

It's supercalifuckingfreezing outside. I've got a wool sweater on over my cashmere sweater, and that's just for being inside. Brr.

And the traffic today: what is the opposite of "Kismet?" Temsik? The baddicle? A semi rolled over and there was a car fire, and gods know what else went wrong. My movie date didn't make it across the lake in time for us to catch the 7 PM show, and shadowdaddy's date called in a panic because after her hour and a half nightmare drive, she had missed their intended rendezvous (fortunately I was here to take her call and point her in the direction of the theater). I am reminded of Good Omens, the bit about the section of freeway designed to form some satanic symbol or another. I am sure the shape is an oval bisected by two parallel, horizontal lines: the shape of I-90 and the 520 spanning the loop the (4-oh-)5 makes around Lake Washington. It was a good day to leave early.

Right, and pinch your noses if you want to maintain your digestive system's hold on your beverages: "At precisely 5 p.m. the other day, about 200 small black starlings that had been circling over Macy's landed in the trees, filling the air with the sound of chirps and the pings of poop hitting windshields." Oh, there is so much more of that article. Please, read it and weep.