November 23rd, 2005

Sea dragon

One pie down

Iron Chef Seattle!

The scene: a fancy cooking show
Host: This fantastic pie is really a combination of all of the favorite Thanksgiving flavors! How did you ever think to combine maple and dark Karo syrup in your chocolate pecan pie recipe?
Our Heroine (attempts modesty): It really seemed like just a natural blend, don't you agree?

A flashback to that horrible night two Thanksgiving eves before
Our Heroine (holding a dripping, yet clearly empty bottle over a cup measure): Three quarters of a cup? THREE quarters of a cup? How am I supposed to make three quarters of a freaking pie! Jesus f*bleeped* *as this is a family show*t, what am I supposed to do now? I need to get this damned thing in the oven! Shit!

Uh, yeah, so through some miracle I had a second bottle in the cabinet - don't know how or why, but I'm sure this is much better than making it onto some cooking show. Thirty minutes to make the pie, that was pretty good. Now, onto the stuffing.


T-day minus 15

I finished the stuffing at 10, and have just sat down and had a bite to eat. I'm heating up some apple cider now, which I'll spike with a little rum. It will be the perfect accompaniment to the "chef's special" chocolate pecan tartlet I made with the tiny amount of leftover pie filling earlier. Ooh, and I'll put some ice cream on that, then call it a night. The bird needs to go in at 10:30 to hit its 1 PM removal time - that should give me plenty of time to sleep. Tomorrow I'll make the honey-lime sweet potatoes and the kale with garlic and bacon - plus of course the mashed potatoes and the gravy during the magic half hour while the bird is cooling. Whew. Field marshall, indeed.

PS: The liquor cabinet will be fully open tomorrow, so don't hesitate to ask for shots of the single malt scotches or the yummy tequilas.