November 27th, 2005

Sea dragon

Stupid cold

I'm still hacking and coughing, so we're skipping going to Tacoma to do the Mount Rainier Scenic Railway today - we could only get there in time to do the 3 PM, but since there's no reservations it could be sold out. Instead, we'll make a run to Uwajimaya and then spend the day doing house (me) and/or yard (him) work, since it's sunny out. The sad thing is it would be a nice day for a walk but the ten minutes coughing fit I just had has convinced me to lie low for the day.

Coughing until I want to pass out

I am exhausted with this cold. I coughed so hard this morning I thought I would lose a lung; twenty minutes shopping at Uwajimaya made me feel kittenishly weak; while cooking I got dizzy. Bending at the waist makes my upper torso ache. Aaargh.

Look, I am being ambitious and writing a blog entry. *she affects an air of gaiety* I shopped today, buying pretty cards and carrots. I made turkey stew. Now I'm going to watch Pompoko from the safety of my couch. *end gaiety* GAH! I'm so beat.
Sea dragon

Links and pictures. Pottering around

First, if you saw the new Harry Potter movie, I must recommend you read conformer's magnificent deconstruction/review. It's everything I wish I could have said about it, and a fantastic overall analysis of why movies and books aren't the same and what the differences can mean to each story-telling form.

Second, if you want to imagine the weather in Seattle for the last two weeks, this photo captures it pretty well. They've been saying on the radio it's going to snow today and tomorrow. Oh, the joy.

Third, katyha 'bout made me cry when she mentioned they're showing the 3-D version of Taming of the Shrew at the NFT while I can't possibly see it. But I'll console myself by seeing Hou Hsiao Hsien's Cafe Lumiere that week.