November 30th, 2005



I dreamed I was sitting on the hill below the Roanoke overpass of I-5 and watched a plane barely miss me, skimming low over the ground, catching on phone wires, and yet somehow managing to pick itself up and fly after just barely crossing the freeway. Its fuselage was all carbonized.

Then I dreamed another plane (United) flew in the same general direction, but got caught in the backdraft of the other plane, did a flip in the air and slammed into Lake Union. I waited for 20 minutes and no cops or rescue workers came by, just one guy in a cheap scuba outfit who said there was no point in waiting to rescue anyone that was on that plane.

This was followed by a third plane crash in my dreams. My alarm went off and I decided to sleep for another 20 minutes to try to reset my brain.

I've got a doctor's appointment today; is there some stress I'm not admitting to? Is it my worries about my knee, or about the irregular heartbeat that's developed since March? We'll see ...
Pink poodle

Camino Real ends this week

This is the last week you can see shadowdaddy's current play, Camino Real (by Tennessee Williams, produced by the excellent Theater Simple). He did the lights, and as someone who's been watching his art develop over more than a decade, I think I can say safely that it's one of the strongest productions he's ever done. It's playing at the Oddfellow's Hall on Capitol Hill Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 PM, with a matinee at 2 on Saturday. Then it closes - gone forever.

Best of all, Thursday is pay what you can. That can mean free, folks, though I'm sure you'll want to give them something at the door.

Make your plans now to see a show the Stranger described as "tons of fun—full of great images and nice design and an unstinting loyalty to the play's narcotic excess." And show your support for my sweetie - he'd love to know you made the effort to see something he gave so much sweat and blood creating.

PS: Ballets Russes - movie #53 - was great, full of so much fantastic dance footage! I even got a little weepy at the end.

Since I have a cold, begging and being pathetic seem to come naturally

Do you knit? Find yourself at loose ends for new projects?

Two years ago I had a lovely knitted cap - utterly simple, just red and black (I think mostly red with a black band around the bottom and a tiny stripe of red to finish it off), no dealie bobs or flibbertigibbets, just a cap. I found it sitting on top of a fire hydrant in the U-district, making it look for all the world like a little Jizo (see below). It seemed made for me - just the right color of red - and it did good work keeping my ears warm that winter.

And then one day it was gone. I suspect it had always felt the urge to wander, and it had come time for it to seek its next home. How could I complain - we spent such good times together, and if it felt it needed its freedom I wasn't going to be the one who said no.

At any rate, I still miss this hat. I haven't seen any pre-made ones that are nearly as cool as it was. So with all the knitters I know, I can't help but wonder ... it's cold out there, any of you have an itchin' to help me cover my noggin?
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