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Project Macaroon

So in coming to Mississippi, I had two goals: to do a collaborative art project with Mary, and to learn how to make macaroons (as the last time I visited I gave her a box from La Duree and she said she was going to quit her day job and become a macaroon chef).

Today has been macaroon day, which required a trip into town to buy a sifter (we found the missing nice one later). We're into our second batch of macaroons, and I'm going to keep a list of the things that went wrong. The book we're learning from has a picture of four different possible macaroon errors, which somehow reminds me of "different ways you can sink a boat," IE bad navigation, storms, poor warning system, badly made iron. But my suspicion is I will find many more ways to make mistakes. This is why I came with enough ingredient for us to make four batches of macaroons.

Batch one: too flat. Suspicion: meringue not stiff enough. Also: irregularly shaped macaroons. Suspicion: incompetent pastry bag use; as parchment paper not cut to fit pan properly, batter ran toward the center of the pan. Still, delish with lemon curd between them.

Near failure for second pan as they were almost put in without any time for drying. However, this disaster was averted by quick, "Um yeah so about the drying?" on my part.

Batch two: meringue failure, complete and utter non fluffing. Suspicion: dirty beater bars, or I added the sugar too soon. This batch went in with the pig slop. They will be thrilled when it makes it to the pen later.

More updates after batch 3 (raspberry!) makes it in the oven.
Macaroon with ice cream Macaroon with ice cream This is a great way to make something memorable out of a damaged macaroon

LATER: Okay, batch 3, nice and puffy, but not as shiny as the other macaroons! The puffy (thanks to extra whip for the meringue) was good but if we were purists we'd be upset about them not being shiny. Also note that the puffy ones don't run as much. That said, the runny ones were GREAT with ice cream in them.

3 egg whites (whip soft peaks then add)
5 T sugar (whip near stiff then add)
Vanilla (whip stiff)

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
2/3 cup almond "flour" (blend together with food processor than sift together twice)

Mix "flour" into the egg whites slowly, then "slap" the dough in the bowl in the approved "macaronage" style. Pipe onto pastry paper in small circles, let sit until dry to the touch (15-30 mins), then bake at 375 until done.

Anyway, that's just the very basics on how to do them, there is a lot more detail on how to make each little bit right in the cookbook we followed TO THE LETTER and while I could copy it from the cookbook I think it's better just to say that the technique for making them is somewhat similar to what I have described and you'd best just expect you're going to have to work a while to get this right unless you have an experienced baker to teach you the ropes.
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