January 8th, 2006


A healthy dose of irony before I go home

I was just checking my work email and I saw this:

"You have won (from the Tripadelic holiday party): a signed Seahawks helmet (Marcus Trufant)"

Right, I work for a travel company, and I win ... a friggin' football helmet? What am I supposed to do with this?

My last day was wet and rainy, and I spent the middle of the day at Covent Garden playing Lost Cities with wechsler while shadowdaddy was off entertaining/being entertained at the Dev. The end of the night now, and I am full of spikeylady's stir fry and some champagne she and ciphergoth kept pouring into me. I've downloaded the work I'm going to do on the computer tomorrow as we are flying back, so all that really remains is getting my suitcase packed and figuring out how to get to the freaking airport if there's really a tube strike going on. Oh, the joy!