January 14th, 2006


It's too early for a Saturday

Well, I was up at a quarter 'til seven, like I have been every day since I've been back, but I was dedicated and managed to stay in bed until 8:30. Since I have nothing better to do, we're going to go out to breakfast - to Glo's, which always has horrible lines at 10:30. I suspect we'll waltz right in. And I'll be having waffles for breakfast this morning. YUM!
Sea dragon

Games and rum ahoy! (Joke drama post)

There are these people and they are totally mean and they played some stuff on this game that totally screwed me! And like they suck! I don't want to say any names but they are a couple and one of them has red hair and the other has black and is a guy and the chick totally screwed me! I hate them and I am defriending them!

(Real post later. Right now I need to make more food and count points. Ticket to Ride, yay!)