January 18th, 2006


I don't believe in the horoscope, but I like to read Rob Brezny

It was nice to come back from my long trip and read Free Will Astrology's take on the start of my year. (And be advised that I normally consider myself to be a Gemini, like my sister and mother and aunt, but this column usually has me picking Cancer as my sign. Being born on the cusp, I give myself the freedom to choose.)

The British government recently legalized civil partnerships for gay couples, giving them the same rights and privileges as married heterosexuals. I suggest you regard this breakthrough as a vitalizing symbol for what you yourself can accomplish in the coming weeks. Unions that you never thought possible will be within your power to create. Previously unimaginable connections will become normal and natural. You will have the potential to be a catalyst, mediator, and lubricant for a host of fresh combinations.

Ooh, that sounds really good. But then as I was writing this I discovered that I'm actually off, that this wasn't his prediction for my year. No, what Cancerians are supposed to experience for 2006 is much, much better than that. (Warning before clickie: not family friendly. Very webcowgirl friendly, however.) So like I said, I don't believe in the horoscope, but for Rob Brezny, I will make an exception.