January 20th, 2006


For the Brits - Vladmaster goes to England

If you enjoy bizarre art performances, I'd like to recommend you see Vladmaster, who is starting a brief tour of England today in Birmingham (London at the Horse Hospital on Saturday the 27th). Vlad does group Viewmaster shows, in which the audience clicks away, seeing the pictures on her home-made reels, while Vlad provides musical accompaniment. Although I have never been so lucky as to actually see her perform live, I do own a copy of her Franz Kafka Viewmaster set. I've attached the complete schedule. Collapse )

Someone go so you can gloat that you did it, since I've not once made it the three hours to Portland to see her and the one time she was in Seattle I was in London. plumsbitch?

I love Capitol Hill

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, the first movie in the Naruse festival at the Northwest Film Forum, was great. I've never seen such a vivid depiction of a bar girl's life, and while there were doubtlessly some elements tossed in to add to the pathos, I just LOVED watching the bar girls work their clientele. It in no way felt sappy or melodramatic. What an exciting slice of early 1960s Japan! My only regret is that I saw it by myself. Can someone else please go see this movie so I can talk about it with you?

Afterwards, shadowdaddy was still a'meeting, so I walked to Twice Sold Tales via 10th Avenue. Can I please say how incredible Cal Anderson park is? Even though it was cold outside and the lighting was all strange, I loved the big cone water fountain and the sheet of water running down the stone causeway that leads away from it. It's just surreal and gorgeous and does a lot to make a walk fun. I bombed out on finding the Jim Butcher "Dresden Files" ("I live in Chicago. I'm a detective. Basically, I'm just another wizard trying to make a living.") books I wanted, but got lucky with some Victorian naughtiness - "Tableaux Vivants," by Anonymous, a biography of "Walter," author of "My Secret Life," and some book called "The Madams of San Francisco" I couldn't refuse (though I passed on a book on 19th century French courtesans - a bit rich for my taste at $12). And I discovered one of the clerks is also a fan of the genre, and was offered a whole pile of interesting unpriced books by the cute guy behind the counter. I didn't get any of them (they were mostly fairly specialized how-to books and Laura Antoniou titles), but I did get a nice discount on one of my other books.

From there it was close enough to get to Half Price Books, where I bombed out again but did finally succeed in meeting up with shadowdaddy. We went to 611 Supreme and had some crepes and booze and yack yack yacked, as is our wont, about my day at work and his salary negotiations and my "reference" for him and about the pin the tail on the donkey game we played the day we met. And now it's midnight. Not a bad day, I think, but time to go to bed.