January 29th, 2006


I used to think I was smart

So ... I think what happened was that I bought tickets for yesterday's 3 PM screening. That is because I am stupid. I blame it on the rain. I mean, why not? It's been raining really hard. Rain, very irritating, leaching intelligence out of my skin. Subconsciously, I must not want to go out.

The NWFF people actually took my word and let us in anyway; I guess they've been seeing me enough they figured I must be a regular - a regular IDIOT. Jesus. For as useless as my braincells are, I should have been more actively working to kill them when I was in college. And we enjoyed the animated movies, despite the chaos of the plethora of small children watching them. I think my favorite was Collapse )

Afterwards I sat and cross-stitched in the lobby while we waited for moriae to show up ... and were surprised to see Elliot, the coworker of mine with whom I studied Japanese a year ago. We all enjoyed "Flowing" (original title: A Geisha House), which as near as I can tell was the real "Memoirs of a Geisha" - always owing money, unreliable boyfriends, and the spectre of age and unemployment constantly staring over your shoulder. We didn't go out for hot sake afterwards like I might have enjoyed, but now I've got some hot cider with Sailor Jerry's rum, and no "man from Chiba" sitting on my porch to argue about whether or not I cheated his niece out of a bunch of money.

It made me really happy to see my friends out tonight. Thanks, guys.