January 31st, 2006

Sea dragon

Good news/no news - and thoughts on travel

I open up my Yahoo email, and it says, "Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme Court (AP)." No black print, no "American mourns," no "Coathanger sales soar." Just ... a line of text sealing America's doom.

In slightly more amusing news, "Scientists Find Gene That Controls Type of Earwax in People" was a top emailed story in the New York Times. It's good to know people are focusing on the important things in the world.

Running up the ramp to the bus today, I noted that I've become an expert suitcase-lugger. A mere twenty steps to get to the ramp? It's nothing compared to that freaking spiral staircase "of doom" at Bank station! This trip, my bag is amazingly light, though I have, for once, more clothes than I'll need (I even packed a bathrobe, such luxury!). I'm looking forward to a few days out of town, though truly I wish I were going somewhere warm and pleasant with shadowdaddy rather than ducking out on a business trip.

Books: number 2 of the Dresden Cycle (Fool Moon, I sense puns), number 2 of the Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs' series (Broken Angels, purchased at Heathrow because I didn't want to tote around the American trade paperback), and William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom (which I've been working on for about two years now). Somehow I suspect that two of these books will come home read and the third, despite being thinner than the other two, won't.

Make it show up, daddy!

Did an entry, set the time for "now" in Atlanta, it didn't show up, set it for "backdate," it didn't show up, changed it to system time (still set to Seattle), it didn't show up, undid backdate, AAARGH!

Right, long entry out there somewhere, try webcowgirl if you just don't see it.
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