February 2nd, 2006

Pink poodle

Santa-lanta. Back with food.

I'm back from Atlanta, with food from Mary Mac's Tearoom in hand to make sure my shadowdaddy can get at least a taste of the South. Barbequed pork with Brunswick stew (apparently consisting of more pork, plus corn, lima and other beans, and tomatoes), greens, mac and cheese, and home-made rolls were on his plate shortly after our return from the airport. (Then he rememebered I hadn't eaten, either, and he split things up a little.) We finished off with the leftover bread pudding from my lunch, and are saving the two chicken legs (also leftover) and peach cobbler for another day, likely Saturday.

Here are the chicken legs in action, with the fried green tomatoes (with a side of ranch dressing), squash souffle, bread basket, and sweet tea that rounded out my lunch. Damn, that was some good eating.

I also cleaned up at the grocery store - three kinds of Southern seasoning mixes (with extra Konriko for sallysimpleton, a can each of okra and tomatoes and "field peas and snaps," "Kentucky Kernel's" spiced flour, fried green tomato batter stuff, a jar of "genuine cane syrup" (due to be turned into pie), and not one, not two, but FIVE different kinds of barbeque sauces, which I'll probably list out when I'm not exhausted.

My seatmate had just flown from Moscow. He's a marine biologist from Kamchatka, and I made him happy through the judicious use of scientific words (like "pinniped") while I attempted to figure out his area of specialty. He showed me beautiful pictures from what I think might be the Kuril islands (or one group further north), including the incredibly gorgeous Arctic fox and an "endemic" species of grouse. Othersiwe, I napped hard, I did a lot of reading, and I studiously avoided my laptop in favor of some R&R.

Back at it tomorrow. I feel my rest tonight is well deserved.
Angry White Poodle

Fie on that stuff

I am boycotting those V-day communities (and won't even dignify them by linking to them).

You got a Valentine's message to me? You can leave it here. That way I don't have to waste my time trolling for nothing like last year. I've amusingly allowed for anonymous comments and made this public, so that my net total of zero has no excuses.

Um, otherwise, I'm really in just a fine mood, but popping over there did remind me of a little fit I had last year.