February 8th, 2006

Sea dragon

Teddy girl dream

A photo essay on teddy girls that someone linked to yesterday had me dreaming about being in the bombed-out London of the early 50s last night. It ended with me and my family (mom, dad, two of three sisters) off at a party and hearing that my third sister had died after an unexploded bomb had gone off while she was on her way home from the diner where she worked. Truly odd.

Seem to have a tiny bit of a cold today, a bit congested. Not sure why I've been sick so much this year - I used to shake this stuff off before it did any damage. Off to work, them.

Birthday dinner going well

Well, everyone likes my enchiladas, the Zatarain's black beans and rice are delicious, and I miraculously had everything ready at 7:30 sharp - and enough of it. Papa is calling me by my real name and being generally respectful and polite (and hungry), so everything seems to be going well. We have a Baskin Robbins choo choo ice cream cake for after dinner, too (yum!). I think that means it's time to break out Ticket to Ride.