February 24th, 2006

Sea dragon

Dang, it's cold outside!

It's frosty and 34 out there ... brrr! No wonder I kept trying to get a little more sleep. This will sure keep the plum tree looking pretty - no time for it to bloom and fade, it's still just taking its time opening the buds.

I'm starting to get my schedule for March together already, but I can't post it right now - I'll do it when I get to work. But I have to share something that got me all weepy boo-hoo this morning, while listening to NPR: the story of an adorable old Brooklyn couple still madly in love after 25 years. They sound so sweet and genuine. I was sitting there with my eyes welling up listening to it, and if you can play stuff off of your computer I'd recommend you spend three minutes giving it a go.
Sea dragon

It's sunny outside and I'm full of Indian food

Yeah, went out for lunch with the boss and I'm stuffed and feeling lazy. Now I'm sitting at my desk updating a status spreadsheet and listening to Xanadu while the sun streams in the window of my office. Life seems good.

"But how can our love succeed
A miracle is what we need
And so I appeal to you
To keep me suspended in time with you"