February 26th, 2006


White elephant success story

Went to the White Elephant party tonight at ein_traum and krow's tonight. We managed to ditch the transexual snowman cookie jar at the last minute (whew!) and only came home with a VHS copy of "Jerry Springer's 'Too Hot for TV' ," which I think we'll actually watch. Then I was pooped and full of raspberry wine, but stil found time to talk for nearly an hour to Our Charming Host, mostly about England and various visa stuff (but also the State of the State).

The things we brought (a margarita pitcher and chips and salsa set, too garish for me - or not garish enough - and a checkered stock pot that was just too damned big for our kitchen) seemed well-received, and were in fact traded many times. I think the hot item of the night was the commemorative C-3PO mug - bright and shiny and well-chosen for the audience.

Earlier we'd tried to make the movie, but I had a brain fart and forgot it was at 6:30 and not at 7. Oops. I think I'm going to try for the 4 PM show tomorrow. I'll to bed soon, after I see how Harry Dresden breaks out of the current bad situation he's in.

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

I've spent too much of the day nursing a headache that could only have come from not enough water yesterday, and the house is just not, not, not ready for family. I can't possibly catch a 4 PM movie, and I'm afraid given the choice between supporting my friend's play and seeing the last movie in the series I've been watching for six weeks ... I'm seeing the movie.

Floating Clouds, 6:30 PM at the Northwest Film Forum, 12th Street between Pike and Pine. Every movie in the Naruse festival has been at the least "very good," and this one is supposed to be his very best. Here's the blurb: In the bombed-out ruins of Tokyo, Yukiko searches for former lover Kengo. Although they renew their affair, he tells Yukiko he cannot leave his ailing wife. She sacrifices health and happiness pursuing him while he, a typically weak Naruse male, vacillates. The director's masterpiece, his best-loved film in Japan, and a favorite of Yasujiro Ozu, FLOATING CLOUDS was aptly adapted from a novel by Naruse's great love and influence, Fumiko Hayashi.

Who's joining us?

Oops, haven't planted my bulbs from the flower show. Better get them in quickly. Strange to think I may not be around to see them bloom.

"All your life/You were only waiting for this moment to arrive."
Sea dragon

Shoot me now

We're cleaning the house at 11 PM, for Christ's sake. This is so wrong.

And yet, so typical.

The movie, which I promise to write up in more detail, completely and utterly rocked.