February 27th, 2006

Sea dragon

Looking for an opera season ticket holder

I'm trying to find someone who has a season subscription to the opera to help me get a discount on Così tickets. I'm planning on going on Wednesday, March 8. If you have a subscription or have any ideas on how to buy discounted opera tickets (they're never at the half price booth), let me know!

Also: Gamelan puppetry this weekend at the NW Puppet Center! Anyone interested in going? We're looking at a weekend matinee in order to accomodate visiting relatives (who, oddly enough, don't want to go).

We have guests tonight from Hawaii, so no Stitch and Bitch (or anything else), I'm afraid.
Sea dragon

It's a chili February day

Today was GLORIOUS as we had a "burn off the chili" day, featuring 1) spicy chicken 2) three beans and beef and 3) mixed beef and pork chilis. There were also two kinds of cornbread, regular (rather sweet) and Mexican. (I was lame and forgot about making my yummy vegetarian chili given the rush to clean the house last night.) I especially liked the social aspect of this - sitting down in the "living" room at work with about thirty other people, visiting and chatting and having a right nice time. Suprisingly, I liked that even more than getting a free lunch, though, in fact, the lunch was free. But I get free food regularly enough - what I don't have is people to enjoy it with. How right was Epicurus when he said, "Eating or drinking without a friend is the life of a lion or wolf." I hope we get to do this again.