February 28th, 2006


The month of February, summarized

The one thing I will say that was notable about this month was that efforts I made to reach out to people - to push myself to be social when I was feeling withdrawn - actually really bore fruit. A tea party and a semi-random Stitch and Bitch invite (which were admittedly people reaching out to me in both cases) have turned into, what, four people I didn't know before that will now see movies with me/drink sake with me/eat out with me/play cards with me/raise hell with me? Sure, yeah, I did a lot of going out and read some books, and the month really flew by because of that, but when I think about the fact that my isolation was reduced by what I think is a quantifiable amount, I feel really pleased.

Spring is around the corner and the people of Seattle are ready to pop out of their cocoons! Huzzah!

(Note: net progress on visa application after a month is zero. Next stop: getting a lawyer.)

(Note: despite prodigious caffeination, I think I'm not going out to the New Orleans - it's just too late and I sincerely believe I will be tired soon.)