March 1st, 2006

Sea dragon

Thinking about what makes for a good partner

I was sent last night (via a "classified" LJ post, so no linkage) to Dan Savage's advice column for this week. In it, a woman talks about her well-to-do boyfriend, who insists on splitting all expenses 50/50, to the penny. Dan's advice is, "Where a large income disparity exists, household expenses are split based on the percentage that each individual's income means to a couple's total combined income."

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you agree conditionally? Do you have a different formula, or a particular set of circumstances that you think should be considered? (Dan also says, "A boyfriend is someone who comes to your aid when you need him. If you get stuck somewhere and you call him, he jumps out of bed and comes to help you—as quickly as he can. He doesn't tell you to call everyone else you know, or leave you standing out there in the rain," which you may feel free to discuss, but I think it's so obvious there's not much to say. Disagree? Then speak up.)

LJ Haiku:
Lion or wolf I hope
We get to work but I have
To share something
Second Haiku
With a VHS copy
Of a certain book I have
No respect for you

Off to buy bagels.

Sea dragon

Girls' movie night

School of Rock was silly, though the company was good. I was rather sorry to be disabused of my notion that the lead singer of the Pixies had been successful in several smaller budget films. All I can say in my defense is that I'm a wee bit removed from pop culture these days, and if you think about it, they do have a similar build.