March 9th, 2006


Random remarks on the opera Cosi fan Tutte

First, wool Victorian bustle skirt? Not such a bad fashion option with the sudden attack of bitter cold and wind we had yesterday. I added my slim-fitting cashmere turtleneck and pulled my Victorian paisley shawl (folded on the diagonal, it hangs to my knees in the back) over it all, and actually managed to keep the chill out. (It's currently 35 degrees, brrr!) I'll save the pretty Indian outfit (the pants and tunic and shawl) for warmer weather, likely Verdi's Macbeth.

Second, the title of the opera probably translates nicely into "She's Gotta Have It," or "Women are Just Like That." The supertitles had a very modern flavor (references to Seattle neighborhoods, a "personal assistant" instead of a "maid," use of the word "hippy," Beatles quotes) and made for a lot of laughter.

Third: what happens when you lose your boyfriend? Well, according to Mozart, it looks like you turn into a goth. Our bereft heroines returned from receiving their sad news completely dressed in black, and one of them ordered the maid to close the windows. "I hate life! I hate the fresh air and sunshine!" (She really said this.) Then she said, "Oh, my existence is so wretched! I should just die rather than suffer this way." Seriously, I was expecting them to cue up 9 Inch Nails or something, it seemed so stereotypical - most amusing when you consider it was written in, what, 1790. Mary Shelley was just around the corner, culturally speaking!

Gamey game gaming games

So ... irrationalrobot has asked me about going to a game con in Portland (okay, it's really in Vancouver, but why not refer to its pretty neighbor rather than the sleazy heart of Washington white trash?) the weekend of the 24/25. I was thinking about going to SEAF on Friday, but that leaves Saturday open for mayhem in the south. Now, mind you, whoever's running Gamestorm can apparently neither keep their servers paid for or figure out how to keep them running, but my guess is that it won't affect the con.

"GameStorm 8 is now scheduled for March 24-26, 2006 at the Red Lion at the Quay in Vancouver, WA."

The games I saw before the site went down were Collapse )