March 12th, 2006


Fed Ex can bite me. A day in which I accomplished nothing

We're home late again tonight, fresh from a trip to the Ocean City Noodle Cafe, where a bowl of plain congee and shredded duck rice noodle soup ("serves 2-4") set us back all of $11. Our actual dinner (or lunch) was at butterflake's, where we basically made a meal of the appetizers she had out for the game party.

The party itself was fun, though I am surprised I managed to stay until 12:30 given how badly I was dragging all day. I got in a round of Space Munchkin (won!), Settlers of Catan (won!) and Zombies (gave up after 2 1/2 hours - mixing in all of the expansions made it incredibly slow).

Highlight of the day: either being at the party and feeling very happy about all of the nice people I know here, or talking to wechsler on the phone. The feeling was the same both times, I think - there's a lot of people I feel lucky to know.

Lowlight of the day: driving to fucking Kent to pick up a package from FedEx that they would NOT re-send to my work address (I had to sign for it), only to find the woman at the call center had given me the wrong hours and the office was closed. I can't possibly get back there during the week, so I'm going to have to pay to have the damn thing reshipped to me at my office. I could scream at how pathetic their customer service is. I mean, it would be easier for me to get that damned package if someone had just driven through Seattle on I-5 and thrown it out the window of their car.

We got so little done today that the Tacoma art museum no longer seems reasonable, so we're going to basically work on the house during the day, though I plan to take a little detour to do some shopping at the Talbots Outlet in Lynnwood (big sale this weekend, and my bonus check is burning a hole in my pocket). I have a little work to do for work, too - I can't believe I didn't get it done before I left on Friday. And I know I've got some things to do I've forgotten about. Oh well, I'm sure it will come to me when it's either impossible for me to do it or too late. I'll say one thing ... this does feel like a pretty good weekend overall.

Review of play tomorrow. See you then.
Sea dragon

The madness continues. HAHA! Right.

Yesterday was STRONGLY marked by a lack of reading and/or writing in the LJ. Mind you, what I was doing was lazing around the house, trying to ... feel less tired and lazy, but if you consider how LJ enables me to feel like I'm busy when I'm actually doing nothing, it's kind of shocking.

Today it's spectactularly beautiful, if cold. I'm going to find something to do that does not involve picking up the living room OR doing dishes (a trip to Lake Washington for a walk under the blossoming cherry trees sounds about right). Ultimately, I suspect this will be a day of little in the way of accomplishments, but I'll do good work in stocking up on my lifetime supply of joy.

Webcowgirl's The Life Exotic

Sleep late. Breakfast. Nap. Read comics. Snuggle on couch. Nap. Drink tea. Realize most of day has been wasted and run out for a walk. Long meaningful talk on the shores of Lake Washington. Quick trip to the taco truck for mulitas and a sope. Get groceries and prescription at Safeway. Drive to brother and SIL's house. Walk to Whole Paycheck and buy dessert and spare bottle of cider. Return and have yummy dinner. Talk about family/work/life etc. Check out results of remodel upstairs. Return to house. Set dishes to soak/get dryer going (at 10 PM). Wash dishes. Write up things for work. Blog. Get to bed late again.