March 19th, 2006


This is not the update you're looking for

We're back. Though I did enjoy seeing the Quilt Show in Ilwaco, the pinball and fudge in Long Beach, the Ark at Nahcotta (uh, wait, no, that was overpriced and the food was dull), and the beach in Seaview, the most astounding enthusiasm I whipped up all weekend was ... in the dollar store in Astoria, Oregon. The bargains were FANTASTIC and I brought back three bags of "stuff" for $19. Here's the list of what I bought (pretty much all bargain food items): Collapse )The very best thing? Annie's Naturals Cowgirl Ranch Dressing - 99¢! I think I have the basis to plan menus for a month now!

I also brought home quilt making materials, a new book (Tanizaki's The Key, previously owned by a doctor who lived three blocks away from my house - what a shock! and to think there's nothing but Seattle University there now!), a little piece of cranberry fudge, and a well-rested me, because we slept in both days and had little to distract us. That said, I think closing the weekend with a pint at the Comet would be just what the doctor ordered. I'm three days behind in my flist reading, so as usual please let me know if you have anything I should have read and missed ....