March 23rd, 2006


V is for Cucumber, B is for Bpal

Two articles of interest from the New York Times:

First, on the use of music in V for Vendetta, may I note that the idea that this movie is exposing piles of alterna-folks to "Cry Me a River" just warms me to the soles of my shoes. Of course, the first version I heard was sung by Jarboe and not Julie London, but a girl's gotta be flexible in these matters.

Second, an article on non-gender specific scents that makes me want to go run off and find a place that sells L'Artisan Parfumeur - how could I resist a perfume called "Thé Pour un Été?" (Hmm - shall have to find Essenza, which is apparently somewhere around 615 N. 35th Street ...)