March 25th, 2006


Went to SEAF tonight

Not only did I get two books signed by Michael Manning, I had a real conversation with him, about moving from SF, cool hikes on the Washington coast, rent, his tattoos, pretentious scenesters, etc. etc. He was very complimentary about my outfit and I felt ridiculously flattered.

Wore myself out before I got to the festival store, alas, but was fortunate to still be awake enough to see that there were prints by this cool artist, Kiriko Moth, and that they were dirt cheap. I wound up getting one that was very Aubrey Beardsley-esque, as well as a color print. They'll look great in our bedroom - all I need is some frames and we're in business!

Hyacinth is my signale

It's 47°F outside, sunny, and very pleasant. All of my hyancinths, planted under the now-flower-free plum tree, are in bloom right now; orange, white, pink, fuschia, Dutch blue. Many of them are the very rare doubles (General Kohler, Chestnut Flower, Madame Sophie, and Hollyhock); my plan is to spend some time belly down staring at them because they're just that cool. I plant freakish flowers because they make me happy.

I also see that the Orange Favorites I planted near them are all in bloom - it's quite cheery. My outdoor plan for today (the real one, not the "gazing at wondrous petals" loony plan) is pruning rosebushes and getting my dahlias potted up so that they'll be ready to go when the tulips are done. Sadly, the flowers I put in the parterre are only about four inches at the highest; when in the world will they even have heads? I'm afraid I may have waited too long to plant them, but ... I guess April is really tulip flowering season, so I shouldn't get panicky for another two weeks or so.

I'm also planning on looking for my diploma for my HSMP today. I see I got a response to my request for a letter from one of my former coworkers, in fact, my boss's boss at the place I was at 98-99 ... this is good! If my luck is good, I may be able to move before the dahlias bloom, though I may drop in on the Puget Sound Dahlia Society sale today just because I can.

shadowdaddy has been asked to put in OT this weekend, so my plan for Sunday night is to see Dirty Little Showtunes at Thumper's with splendid_geryon. I think hearing "I am the very model of a modern homosexual" again is most likely to make my evening droll.
Pink poodle

This was really a perfect Saturday, except for the part where we haven't worked in the house at all

What do good assistant gardeners get? Dim sum. Steamed dumplings (the transparent kind) stuffed with pork and peanut, steamed spareribs with black bean sauce, "steamed bean curd stuffed with shrimps seaweed wrap meat," the BEST ever steamed fluffy han bao with BBQ pork inside, "beef rice roll" (beef inside the flat rice noodles), and "honey BBQ pork pies." Oh, and egg custard tarts and "rice ball filled with egg custard, sesame seed and peanut," wrapped in a banana leaf with a toothpick shoved through it. All that, $10 each. Wow! Mmm, and there's still a little tart left. I should eat that.

What do good gardeners get? Piles and piles of dahlias. Through a STUNNING accounting error, I was undercharged by about $50 (the checker read the 27 as 7 @ $3, and there you go), which I didn't quite work out until we were far, far from the sale (they were rushing us out because they were closing). Actually, I got these because I am a bad gardener and killed off almost all of my stock last year, when I let it sit for too long before planting. Now I've got extras for Rodney and wordknitter (if she wants them).

What do good assistant gardener's assistants get? Currently it's extremely high protein dog food and the cutest little stuffed pink elephant. Damn, he looks so cute with it, I want to take a picture and post it.

So ... a very busy Sunday, with gardening and dim sum and lots of little shopping errands. I'm pretty pleased.