March 26th, 2006


Just two miles away

The shootings yesterday gave me nightmares last night. Earlier yesterday, when we were in the Target, they announced a "code yellow, security to the front of the store," and I found myself ducking behind the sock display as if someone was going to come after me. I found out later that a code yellow was a lost child, but how was I to know? It seemed just as likely to have been someone with a gun.

I had a nice brunch at Glo's this morning with tonyawinter and ktiger (though it was nearly 2 1/2 hours between the time I arrived and the time food got on the table - thank God I ate before I went!), managed to give moriae her gift from Long Beach after I finished up, then met up with shadowdaddy (who was already through with strike) at Twice Sold Tales (bought two books, discussed the fact we have only got two of the victims' names with the shop owner). We then went up to Northgate (second trip to Tarzhay, account consolidation at T-Mobile store, Ipod purchase for Mr. shadowdaddy - I have no use for one), skipped Gary's Games because I was burnt out, and are now home. I'll soon be napping. I seem to have slept poorly last night and need a bit more sleep.

"With just one more brain what a half-wit he'd be"

Rather than going to see "Dirty Little Showtunes," tonight I had splendid_geryon and thedivas over for dinner and a movie. Dinner was "meat and three," a typical Southern style meal, in this case roast chicken with jalapeno cornbread dressing, kale (done Thanksgiving style, with garlic and a touch of bacon), and "field peas and snaps," a.k.a. little beans with green beans mixed in. The movie was Chicago, which I was delighted to find thedivas also knew all the words to. We basically sang along to every song while splendid_geryon's mouth hung open at the more spectacular dance number and the two of them knitted. I would say it was a very good night, and though it was sad that shadowdaddy was having to work tonight (albeit in the dining room), if he hadn't been it wouldn't have happened at all.

Meanwhile, I think Shadow has decided his new pink stuffed elephant is hurt when it squeaks. See, he's never had a squeak toy before, and the way he carries it extra delicately in his mouth has me convinced he's trying not to hurt it more. It's really cracking us up.