March 29th, 2006


Saw the Libertine

Well ... 'twas really a shame the movie focused on the post-syphillitic Rochester. splendid_geryon and I had a great time watching all the theater stuff, though - think we had our own bitter takes on what was going on. I loved the actress's response when Rochester said he wanted to make her his wife: "I will not swap my certain glory for your unreliable love." Fabulous!

Dinner beforehand was also very enjoyable. I don't know how he and I manage to run up such huge tabs at Maekawa - we only had one bottle of sake this time and, er, well, it was a lot. I think the part where we eat the food and go My God, that was so fantastic, I must have some more! and then get second mini-entrees is what kills us.

Otherwise - great day at work, I cleaned up at Target (a silk chemise with roses to match the other jammies AND the poodle jammies previously depicted, for CHEAP), and now I'm tired and not looking forward to my 8:30 meeting. Night, all ...