April 3rd, 2006


Let me define for you a perfect Sunday

Yesterday was nearly perfect. After going to the puppet show (which was full of political satire about Bush and Iraq) with shadowdaddy and splendid_geryon, and (sadly) dropping shadowdaddy off at work and running by splendid_geryon's flat to grab his knitting, I returned home and took ... a nap. Aaaah. This was followed by flopping about the living room with tea (I think ciphergoth calls it The Cowgirl Shuffle), dish washing, and a trip to Safeway to pick up a prescription and a few needed groceries for myself and Chris. Chris suddenly realized he was too hungry to think straight while we were in the grocery store, so I rushed him back to his apartment (to drop off his food) then made an emergency visit to the Old Szechuan, where his desire for "beef, like those prime rib samples they were giving away at Safeway, and noodles" was amply met by Szechuan Hot Beef Chow Mein. He was utterly oooh-aahed by the sauteed pea vines and delighted by the Chung King Chicken (so many pepper pods!).

Then it was back to my house, where we knitted and cross-stitched while watching some bizarre short movie featuring two French businessmen playing squash and trying to psyche each other out ("Make me feel voluptuous!") and then launched into Velvet Goldmine which made me miss London far, far too much. shadowdaddy finally finished up work at 10 and we headed out to get him. I must say that "nearly perfect" was due to his absence. We just spent far too little time together this weekend, though splendid_geryon was really very good company.

And I dreamed about an "apricot nickel" last night, worth five cents, smaller than a dime, and silver colored. Was there every any such thing minted?