April 12th, 2006

reading is fun-damental

Failure to launch

I went to Twice Sold Tales (then dinner, Bee Bim Bop at the Kimchee Kitchen) then to Half Priced Books, and came home with ... nothing!


I held a shiny copy of The Makioka Sisters in my hand for twenty minutes, but could NOT find the second novel in the Jo Clayton "Drum" series that I'd actually gone looking for and decided to just give the shopping a pass. 2XT had only ONE Jo Clayton book, and ... well ... I mean, maybe I just left because I was hungry and they won't let their customers use the bathrooms, but ...

Is something wrong with me? God, if it's not a fever, maybe we're talking a serious vitamin deficiency!

I did, however, spend some of my Amazon "Reward Certificates" earlier tonight and bought Das Books (Den Bucher?) (just to prove my brain remains in normal form), which were: Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, Charles Vess's The Book of Ballads, and Delia Sherman's The Porcelain Dove. (I also bought two non-book items I'd had my eyes on for a while: "Hot Nuts & Lollypops," a CD of trashy jazz and blues songs, and my all-time favorite Hong Kong action flick, The New Legend of Shaolin. I still need that next Jo Clayton book, which is apparently entitled "Drum Calls." (Good heavens! It was her last series! How very sad ...)
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