April 13th, 2006

Sea dragon

I need a break

I haven't taken a day off work since my vacation ended January 10th. I am now close to going batshit wild with the desire to spend a fucking day away from the office. Every morning this week (well, not yesterday, I feel very attached to bagel day) I have wanted to call in sick and just catch up on my sleep and do some weeding. Have some pity on me, Europeans; we get 15 days paid leave and only 8 holidays (and most people only have 10 days leave), so sometimes you have to take a day out of your sick leave just to get a rest. And the weeds are really incredible: I'm convinced the grass under my apple tree grew four inches since Sunday.

And the apple tree is blooming.

And I have an 8:30 AM phone conference. Grrr.