April 15th, 2006


Buttrock Suites the Sweetest!

Modern dance done to Foreigner, Aldo Nova, and Guns & Roses was surely the cure for what ailed me yesterday. The sad bit was that I was fully exhausted (home and slept for an hour beforehand) and that shadowdaddy had to work so late he didn't even get to come home before the show and wound up meeting splendid_geryon and me at the Comet, where we were huddled over a pizza and much needed alcohol. But somehow watching half naked and extremely attractive male and female dancers prance around, engage in sexuality-ambiguous flirting with all comers, and lick sugar off of each other and themselves got us all laughing so hard that much of the day's (and week's) hassles melted away. Unfortunately, they only half-melted; I'd had enough sucked out of me that I was home by 10:30 (immediately after the show) and in bed at 11:30, my normal weekday time, too tired to even update the LJ (which means I'm broken, basically). I am such a party animal. (The show goes again tonight and next weekend, DON'T MISS IT!)

I feel like I could keep drinking for most of today. I've got a break from finishing the taxes (gkr, I still need your help!), it's too wet for me to want to take a walk on the shores of Lake Washington, so my to-do list is seeming much shorter and a nap most attractive. I've got a suprise birthday party at Medgar Evars this evening and then a counter-Con games party near Volunteer park, but otherwise I'm thinking my grand accomplishments for today are likely to be buying a ham for lunch tomorrow and maybe getting myself a pretty new shirt or two at the Bon, er, I mean Macy's, as they are having a sale. I should probably break down and get my dahlias potted up, but, well, I don't know, there's the kitty snoozing on the couch and it just really looks like she's got the right idea ...

My exciting life, take five

The scene: a semi-suburban Seattle house (note view of skyscrapers through rain-drop flecked windows). A Saturday.

Mystery spouse: Honey, do you know where the grass seed is?
Spousette: Er, I don't know, did you look in the car?
Mystery spouse: I'm too muddy to get my car keys, can you hand them to me?

(Ten minutes pass)

Mystery spouse (standing inside, in socks): I still can't find it!
Spousette: I take it you've looked on the bench for the garden supplies and everything? Do we still have any bags from the shopping we did that weekend anywhere? I know the bag from that shop is empty, because it's in the bedroom.
Mystery spouse: Wow, I spent an hour prepping the yard, where could it be?
Spousette: Well, I'm not sure, but lunch is ready, shall we eat?

(Half an hour passes. Spousette gets ready to go down into the basement - where the gardening tools are - to turn off the dryer. She notes a bag from the hardware store hanging on the back of the knob of the door to the basement, which Mystery Spouse has probably touched about five times in the last hour as he tramped in and out of the house.)

Spousette: Um, darling? About the grass seed?
Sea dragon

The post about food that means your life is really dull

I was inspired while shopping for ham at Safeway and picked up ... no, not the leg of lamb I was hoping to find, but a t-bone steak. I slapped some Spade Ranch spice mix on that baby and fried 'er on the stove while I made some mac and cheese.

Damn. That was fine. I think the better cut of meat must really make a difference.

Off to the party now.