April 17th, 2006


Sleep, where is thy sting?

Oh, brutally cruel insomnia, you are my punishment for idly checking my email when I woke up an hour or so ago to get a glass of water. Sure, it was interesting to see that Seattle's not getting Convergence, but is it worth the lost sleep? The sad thing is that I don't even have anything particularly interesting to think about, other than a few random things about "email I need to send if I'm not going to work tomorrow" and "what I can do to try to figure out the last confusing bit about the taxes, which absolutely must go in tomorrow," but that's not nearly enough to consume the huge amount of brain wattage that's available for my use right now.

Hopefully I've learned my lesson about reading the email when I'm in the middle of my sleep cycle. In the meantime, I'm going to try sleeping on the couch.

How I spent my spring day. An essay.

These are the things I did today (after I slept an extra three hours)
1. Talked to wechsler while I folded laundry, as he had the day off, too. This went on for two hours as I had a lot on my mind after yesterday.
2. Spent an HOUR on hold and being transferred between different offices of Smith Barney so I could get the info I needed to finish my taxes.
3. Spent an HOUR waiting in the vet's office with my cat, but got my taxes finished up. (She's still there. Hopefully antibiotics will cure what ails her.)
4. Got some planting dirt from City People's. Failed to plant because I am lame and needed a shower and got home with only an hour left before I ...
5. Picked up shadowdaddy from work. Got taxes signed and mailed off. Said goodbye to something more than a full paycheck.
6. Went to the Comet, where I sewed and drank cider. (See picture, below.) Cider was necessary after the frustrations of the afternoon.
7. Made fabulous purchases at the Rite Aid (three squirt bottles, one lingerie bag, and a heavily discounted raspberry creme egg).
8. Had a long and slow dinner at Osteria La Spiga (large antipasti: smoked duck with fig conserves on arugula, barley/tomato/something salad, grilled smorza (? - smoked mozarella) with grilled polenta and mushrooms (left uneaten), and some French blue cheese with chestnut honey; lasagne verdi and wine for him and pasta with cream/speck/mushroom sauce for me; port for dessert). We went over the schedule for the May visitor and hopefully have good stuff planned.

All and all it was not bad, and I feel fairly well rested, though still tired. Let's see if I can get in bed early tonight and actually return to work in full energy mode.