April 20th, 2006


Narnia not looking so good after Innocence

Well, we made it to the movie, and after seeing something on Tuesday that had me glued to the screen for two hours of beauty, madness, and suspense, watching Narnia was a bit like ... eating cardboard. No, like eating white bread with mayonnaise on top. It was just utterly lacking in magic of any sort, and I can't really even recommend it as an airplane movie. I just didn't care a bit for it.

I noticed, though, that it was as utterly sexless as The Lord of the Rings was. Geez, can't we have some authors that can see epically and not make it all watery milk? Are we really supposed to believe Lucy and Susan never wondered what was under Mr. Tumnus' belt once they hit puberty? Is sex really only about creating heirs and not about living human lives, as human as quests and wars and kingdom building all are? Gah. No wonder this society is so screwed up.