April 29th, 2006

Sea dragon


Dreamed I was the lost daughter of JRR Tolkein, and some evil witch from Middle Earth was trying to work through me to keep my dad from publishing his book (or to get some secret information out of it she could us).

Also dreamed I was visiting wechsler in London and doing a darned poor job of making it to the airport to catch my flight on time.

All in all, I think going back to bed at this point sounds like a good plan.
Sea dragon

So much to do

I have a big old list of things to do today, but I've also:

Hand-washed a sweater
Shaved the dog's face
Ordered a New York Times Subscription

We're getting back on list now ("Get hair cut. Buy towel rack."), but I just had to point out what a loser I am.