May 1st, 2006

reading is fun-damental

I can walk and read at the same time

I was hit by a bout of melancholy today as I walked from my house to Capitol Hill with my nose buried in Jo Clayton's Drum Calls. I was starting a book that was the very last thing an author had written She didn't even finish the series, I thought. This book represents the very pinnacle of her writing. She had that third book just sitting in her head, and she couldn't quite live long enough to finish it. And she must have had so many other books she could have done, given time. As I crossed Cal Anderson park and walked by the fountain, I wondered how it was that someone could have written so many fantastic books and then become virtually unknown. And I wished I could tell her how much I had been enjoying her books over the last several years. I didn't even discover her until she had died. For some reason, it just strikes me as so incredibly sad.

The weather, however, was lovely, good for a two mile trot, and sunny enough even at 8 PM to support reading a book that I didn't want to pull my nose out of. And I enjoyed the lively company I had while I sewed, even though I briefly considered just sitting in Ali Baba's and eating my gyro (my "juke box gyro") and just reading all night. The book is still waiting and I feel sure I'll get just a few more pages in between now and the time my head hits the pillow, which, based on how hard I napped this afternoon, had really ought to be soon. I've put the jerk-marinade covered chicken in the fridge, and it seems like it's been a full night.