May 11th, 2006

Sea dragon

Brown Derby's Fame! at the REBar

Last night's presentation of Fame was simply one of the most hysterical Brown Derby's I've seen since Basic Instinct (with its cooch puppet and silly string). We had three men in drag (well, Nick Garrison was actually playing a gay man most of the time - so against type!), a Benny Hill boobies chase (repeated a few times until it became its own joke), and actors who were cutting up so badly they were clearly wrecking each other. wechsler was laughing harder than I'd even seen him laugh in all the time I've known him (Quote: "It hurts!"), while splendid_geryon and I were falling all over each other, made helpless by giggles. shadowdaddy was keeping a somewhat more dignified front, but my poor coworker V. was somewhat mystified by our reactions. "Do I have to be a gay man to get this?" Well, no, but it really helps if you have some understanding of musical theater (Nick's audition scene, in which he quoted from "Gypsy," "Annie," and at least three other shows, was priceless) and had maybe seen a few other Brown Derbies (how else to explain the use of the gay tractors from Footloose?).

We all got off to a somewhat late start at Ohana, where I introduced V. to coulrophobe, but made up for it with late night slices at Mama's, 4 for $3 because it was late and they love us.

At any rate, a FANTASTIC evening. I had all of my favorite boys there and I was really feeling the love. Or, who knows, maybe I was feeling the kamikazes - motomotoyama asked me if I could feel my face at one point, and I most surely could not after intermission!