May 15th, 2006


Nothing says I love you like fifteen different kinds of fat

Oh my. Dinner at Crémant was ... really something. Something buttery. And fatty. And ... I don't know, maybe a bit greasy. We probably ordered two things too many (see the *s, note the **s are for items we received for free), and then the waitress messed up and brought me an onion soup instead of what I'd ordered (and let me keep the soup), and that was just at the start of the meal. I couldn't even finish the second appetizer (and yes, wechsler, they did call them "entrées," so it's just a wierd American thing to use that as a word for main courses). But the whole thing was a plan to celebrate our 13th anniversary indulgently, so what does it matter if we had a little too much and it was a little too rich?

Anyway, we had (full descriptions here):
**Oeuf en Gelée in Porto chilled egg in a thick Port flavored gelatin - rich! - but good on a warm day
**Ye Olde French Onion Soup topped with a really stinky cheese, but hard to not eat anyway
Endive salad with roquefort pretty but obviously not something for me - J. described it as "bold," I described it as "a nice salad ruined by some bad cheese"
Normandy cider I induldged and got a little bottle
Vouvray a white wine
*Mixed charcuterie I just got this because I couldn't decide between the Serrano ham and the rillette - turns out the rillette, a kind of shredded meat glop with spices, was too rich for me. Between the two of us we couldn't finish the plate - six kinds of meat is really a bit much
Langue D'oc Blanc the waitress brought by two different white wines and J chose this one
Monkfish with ham, tomato, and pistou
Big ol' lambchops (see picture from earlier) I had them replace the frites with the green beans that came with the duck - turns out the cold cream sauce on the green beans made them just a little too much for me, though I did eat the chops like a barbarian toward the end
*Leek Gratinée we kind of spread this on the bread - it's arrival made it clear to me I was done with having any more fat
Rice pudding
*Cognac chocolat drinkable and served in a tiny glass

We left a nice tip because we were very happy with the service. I especially liked that I only had to look at the waitress and she came over (some places it's like hailing a taxi), and that they were never obtrusive about filling our water glasses or pushy with the wine.

And I got a present from shadowdaddy for our anniversary - a garnet lavalière. It's really pretty and I promise I'll post a picture soon. He's sweet and I love that we have been together for so long and still can make it through a three hour dinner and not stop talking once.