May 17th, 2006

Mano Poderosa

Classes Toutes Risques, great flick

I leapt out of my chair at the end of the day and raced (er, slogged) through traffic in order to reach my great goal: naptime on the couch. Somehow, when it's sunny outside, the nap is sweeter. I slept like a freaking rock and only came to some semblance of consciousness about two minutes before shadowdaddy appeared, "fresh" from biking from work. While he jumped in the shower, I made dinner: capellini with diced tomatoes sauteed in butter and a little dried basil with teensy little fresh mozzarella balls on top, a nice salad, and yummy Mille Grane bread (warmed in the oven).

Dinner over and it was off to the Comet to meet My Personal Psychotherapist, splendid_geryon. I was irritated to discover they've changed happy hour to 4-7 PM, so my pint was full price; on the other hand, now I can start drinking earlier and longer! We chatted about this and that, as is our wont, and stitched away. I'll be seeing him again the next two nights, so I should be able to get my Chris batteries fully recharged.

The movie Classes Toutes Risques was really good; I mean, it smelled like a typical gangster flick, but you add the kids in there and POW! The story had a totally different feel to it. We liked it a lot; I mean, who doesn't want to see a forty-five year old black and white French movie with a depressing ending? It was a real contrast with Match Point, I'll tell you that! One more night; see it if you can go!