May 20th, 2006


Ayame Kai triumphs!

Well! A fanstastic morning at the Ayame Kai rummage sale (goes until at least 2!). I picked up a bag full of interesting games for about $8 (this had probably 5 games), about ten tupperware bowls with lids for fifty cents, a heater and a footed tea cup with saucer for $5 each, and a fantastic assortment of stoneware in a fuschia pattern (2 plates, 6 bread dishes/cups/saucers, and a sugar dish) for $1.50 - I didn't need them at all but couldn't resist the incredible value. Please shoot me.

But where did I really lose control? The bake sale. Home made mochi, tsukemono (or whatever the pickles are called), shushi, rice things, dessert things, as well as the traditional brownies/lemon bars/thumbprint cookies. I spent $24 up there, loading my bag up with tasty home made Japanese food. I really should have taken a picture of the rice plate I bought for $2 - it had a little fern leaf on top for garnish and was just too cute. (It was also too tasty, thus it's current, um, state of disarray.)

Oooh, and look, there's the two horrid 70's mugs I couldn't say no to - they have the names of all kinds of different teas on them, Darjeeling, Formosa Oolong, Earl Grey ... tea mugs! I'll happily toss out other mugs and keep these instead. They're cute. And hey, I didn't buy the hostess sets, so I'm a paragon of virtue. Or something. And between us we just got one "bag of clothes, $5," so the overall pile is manageable.

I also enjoyed getting to see wordknitter and moriae (and the implied poh), but it was pretty crowded so there wasn't too much time for visiting.

There's still time to go! Plenty of cloth left, not too much yarn, hordes of baskets and Christmas decorations, vintage chenille bedspreads, an old fashioned stand mixer with matching bowls for only $10, and who knows what is hiding downstairs where the furniture and Japanese stuff is stashed - I couldn't go because I wore myself out.