May 24th, 2006


Final PNB for this season

Well! After reading Gia Kourlas' exciting article about "Balanchine beyond City Ballet," I'm all pumped up to see Carla Körbes at PNB. Now, Gia says I want to see her in Diamonds, but maybe I want to see her in Emeralds instead! At any rate, the casting for "Jewels" is now up, and I'm soooo tempted to try to see it twice. Of course, I want to see Arianna in both of the pieces she is dancing, but ... this time of the year is so hard to pull yourself inside. I'm currently leaning toward Friday the 2nd: anyone else want to go?

The final final is the end of the year wrap-up, Sunday the 11th of June, 6:30 PM, "Eight Encores," including the fab "Mopey." Come on, guys, it's ballet performed to the Cramps. It will never happen again. Let's do it! (Tickets start at $20, CHEAP!)

PS: Ballet geek, me? Yeah!

PPS: Oh! Oh! Casting is up for "8 Encores" and Arianna is doing Red Angels again! AWESOME!