May 26th, 2006


And Flock of Seagulls needs to be covered why?

So some band on KEXP right now has, for a reason that escapes me, decided to cover A Flock of Seagulls' "Space Age Love Song."

Um. I guess I shouldn't have recognized it on the first three seconds.

The house is cleaned about as well as it was before wechsler came to visit. I've got the guest bedroom back to a state suitable for our housesitter (this involved removing a variety of interesting things from the bedroom that were not there before wechsler's arrival, including a receipt for a t-shirt and a flyer for the Underground Tour with a ticket inside of it). Getting the pile of crap on the coffee table down to a manageable size, I discovered that wechsler had indeed left me a little saw. I don't know what to do with it as I won't be removing any short trees from my yard any time soon, but it does give me a giggle to see it there right now.

Hmm. I called up Riz to check in on the set. That song was by Brief Candles. Truly, he and I were alive when dinosaurs walked the earth. Does anyone even understand the concept of the A side and the B side anymore? I'm going to grab a haunch of pterodactyl meat and crawl back into my cave and call this a night. For you newfangled folks, you can use your computer music thinger and listen to it right off of this here shiny little box. At least we all worship the same god, huh?
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First night in Maui

We're at shadowdaddy's aunt and uncle's place in Kihei right now. Donna (who is from the Philippines) is making some kind of yummy fish based dinner. I am apparently going to be getting some kind of land-based animal to consume, but I'm not sure what yet. Given that it's, what, 11 back in Seattle, I am starving.

We arrived around 1 and were met at the airport by Uncle Steve. Then it was off to Da Kitchen for a genuine Hawaiian lunch (which I'm very glad we had even though I wasn't very hungry at the time). The portions were huge; one kahlua pig plate was more than enough for the two of us, though I added a slice of coconut cream pie because ... well, it was there. And it was good. Everyone had a bit but it didn't get finished.

After that we stopped by the hospital where Uncle Steve works and chilled out for a bit while he took care of a few things; our most important accomplishment was setting up for an 8 AM kayaking trip tomorrow from Makaena. It seems early but I know we'll be up at the crack of dawn.

The waiting got us kind of sweaty, and I decided that going to the beach and getting in swim number one was the plan of the hour. We dropped our stuff off at the house (we're lucky to have such nice accomodations - our own room with its own bath!), then went to Charlie Young Beach, just down the road. It was, what, 84 out, and we could see Molokini, Kahoolawe and Lana'i in the distance from our spot on the quite warm, golden sands. Clouds were flying overhead, but they seemed bent on raining on the mountains behind us. We were there for about two hours (Aunt Donna met up with us there), and gosh, it was nice. I'm going to try to swim in the ocean every day we are here. It's a small goal but one worth accomplishing.

Now, with a little shopping under our belt, it's dinner time and then we'll some sleep. With the computer here, I'll probably have good luck getting updates, but they'll be about once a day. Hope you're all doing well and check in with you tomorrow.
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